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Bailudong College

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Bailudong College,Mount Lushan

     Bailudong College is one of the highest institution of the Song Dynasty, ancient China ranks first in four College.

     Bailudong College is located in Lushan Wulaofeng more than 10 kilometers south, mountains to this merged into ring, unique kind of pattern. After the North is called by the Ping Shan, west wing, said Hill, south of the mountain, said Thatcher. Mountain pine bamboo, lush. Fresh air came from Lingyun Feng, the left intersection of Mountain and Hill out of Chelsea, this is the famous Guan Xiao Xi. Stream from west to east, winding stream to the White Deer White Deer Hollow Academy Front of the cave, through the east of the Gap, into the Poyang Lake. Bailudong the no holes, like hole gas due to ring-shaped rocks, so be named as holes. Li Bogang Bailudong originally Tang and Song dynasties were studying when they were young hermit land. Li Bogang support myself and have a white deer, white deer is very tame, and often visited with the owner to go out to play, but also deliver a letter Bangzhu people and goods, and therefore the deer celebrities, said Li Bogang as Mr. Bai Lu; the deer were in, said here the Bailudong College.