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Sandiequan scenic

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Mount Lushan

Mount lushan

The Three-Fold Spring,Mount lushan

      Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang City, southeast of Sandiequan nine stacked Valley. Up by the Central Lushan tourist highway. 26 km from Jiujiang City. Is a Xianfeng rocks, waterfalls as one of the hills Resorts. Song Shaoxi year (1191), when they were found to be firewood, there was a "once anything for loss of shut the key, of a total of firewood to those who pass," the poem. Since the early 20th century, 80 years for tourism development, the State Forestry Administration in 2001 approved 11 menstrual National Forest Park.

      The total area of 16.5 square kilometers Sandiequan scenic, steep peaks, deep valleys. In the "Yanshan orogeny" and "Himalayan orogeny" period, because the repeated subsidence and uplift of the crust, forming a dense folds, fault horizon, the ridge of the mountain valley and white, and after intense friction Quaternary glacial formation of "ice Order "cliff face. Forest coverage rate reached 89.9%, with round cedar, Cornus, Du species such as 2331 kinds of plants and animals, 200 kinds.