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Kuling,Mount Lushan

Kuling,Mount Lushan

     Lushan Mountain Scenic Area Kuling is the center of 1167 m above sea level is a beautiful park-style prosperity in the unique "mountain cloud" around the Kuling, including the East
Valley and West Ridge Valley. Summer Day Zhen area of 46.6 square kilometers, the resident population of 13,000, the Lushan Mountain Scenic Area Administration is located.

1896 map of kuling

1896 map of kuling,Mount Lushan

     A Brighter Summer Day is the center of the Lushan area, is a beautiful, unique, park-like little mountain town. Brighter Summer Day row upon row of shops, a post office, banks, cinemas, town halls, etc., have received international and domestic tourists, Lushan Building, cloud, hotels, restaurants Lu Lin, a total of hotels, guest houses, retreat more than 30, there Western-style buildings house more than 1,400, with more than 13,000 beds to receive tourists, of which 380 high-end beds, only 1983 received 2.2 million visitors and foreign tourists. A Brighter Summer Day surrounded by mountains. Side of the valley, the East is big on mountains, west Dalin mountain. South bull Ridge, north of Gap Huokou scissors. Standing in middle of the street park. Overlooking the ancient city of Jiujiang Yangtze River jade belt, leisure, recreation, entertainment, ideal place, and often the first Lushan tourists to the land. Visitors can stay in this arrangement, select the tour route, tour groups and a series of activities chosen, both prepare for the upcoming tour, but also to solve the accommodation to worry about.

1895 kuling,Mount Lushan


     Kuling rigorous planning neighborhoods, clean streets, streams, trees, blotting out the sun. Thousands of buildings of various European and American styles of villas, churches, hotels, restaurants, scattered and distributed in green leaves. With the surrounding environment is very harmonious. Known as Eastern Switzerland.


1920 Kuling,Mount Lushan

     A Brighter Summer Day, and Lu Lin Ming against Mountain area was originally. 1411 Tianchi Chifeng Yongle Emperor Temple, which are restricted within a generation, mining firewood is prohibited grazing. Therefore, the higher the original forest cover.

Kuling Night

Kuling Night,Mount Lushan

     In 1886, the British Methodist missionary E.Eittle(1864 -1939) of the Lushan Mountain, where fancy cool climate, going long in the red bull Ridge (East Valley) lease land to build villas, summer mountain to attract aliens. In 1895, Lide Li obtained leases from the Chinese official, began to gradually develop as a summer resort here. And in accordance with English cooling (cool) a transliteration of the ridge referred to as the Kuling.